Setting AI Output Language

Communicate in Your Preferred Language

Bito users come from all over the world, and it makes it super easy to set the AI output language. Bito will automatically generate the text output in the language in your user profile setting, regardless of the prompt input language.

Bito allows setting this language when creating an account, as described in Creating a Bito Account.

You can also set or change this setting anytime by going to the User Profile in Bito settings. Here is a quick video walkthrough.

Setting AI output language in Bito

Supported Languages:

Bito offers 20+ languages for you to choose from. Here is the list of currently supported languages:

  1. English (Default Language)

  2. Bulgarian (български)

  3. Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文)

  4. Chinese (Traditional) (繁體中文)

  5. Czech (čeština)

  6. French (français)

  7. German (Deutsch)

  8. Hungarian (magyar)

  9. Italian (italiano)

  10. Japanese (日本語)

  11. Korean (한국어)

  12. Polish (polski)

  13. Portuguese (português)

  14. Russian (русский)

  15. Spanish (español)

  16. Turkish (Türkçe)

  17. Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

  18. Dutch (Nederlands)

  19. Hebrew (עִברִית)

  20. Arabic (عربي)

  21. Malay (Melayu)

  22. Hindi (हिंदी)

Using the Language Support Feature

Once you have selected your preferred language, Bito will communicate with you in your selected language. Take full advantage of this feature by:

  • Asking questions or giving commands to Bito in your selected language

  • Receiving responses and outputs from Bito in the language you've selected

Note: All responses from Bito will appear in the selected language, regardless of the input language

Enjoy the convenience of conversing with Bito in your native language and take your coding experience to a new level!

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