Privacy & Security

Bito doesn't read or store your code.
This document explains Bito's privacy and security policy.

Bito AI Assistant

Bito doesn't store any code you give as input to the Bito AI. However, the code snippets you select are sent to our servers for processing.
Any response generated by the AI Assistance is stored locally on your machine to show the history in Bito UI. You can clear the history anytime you want from the Bito UI.


Bito uses third-party services such as Amazon AWS, OpenAI, Google Analytics, SendGrid, and Slack API for the infrastructure and functional capabilities.

Personal Data

Bito follows industry standard practices for protecting your e-mail and other personal details. Our password-less login process - which requires one-time passcode sent to your e-mail for every login - ensures the complete security of your account.
You can read about our privacy policy at​
if you have any questions about our security and privacy, please email [email protected]
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