Learn How to Create, Join, or Change Workspace

A workspace is a dedicated environment or space where teams can collaborate and use Bito services. After logging into your Bito account, you can either create a new workspace or join an existing one you've been invited to.

You can use Bito in a single-player mode for all the use cases. However, it works best when your coworkers join the Workspace for collaboration.

Create a New Workspace

The link to create a new workspace will appear at the bottom of the sign-up flow screen. Click on "Create Workspace" to get started.

Now, enter the name of the workspace. You can also choose to make this workspace discoverable by the users with the same domain email as your email. Finally, click on the "Next" button to proceed creating a new workspace.

For example, if your email is and you enable the "Workspace discovery" feature, then any other person with an email that ends in (like,, and so on) can join your workspace after they sign in.

You can always switch this feature off later by visiting the Workspace Settings page.

Workspace discovery feature is not available for public email addresses like,,, etc.

Once you complete the Workspace setup, Bito will be ready to use.

Join an Existing Workspace

If your email domain is allowed for the Workspace, or your coworker invited you, you will see the Workspace listed during the sign-up flow under the "Workspaces Available to Join" list.

Simply click on the "Join" button given in front of the workspace you want to join. Joining your company or team Workspace takes less than a minute.

Alternatively, you can join the Workspace through the Workspace link shared by your coworker.

Change Workspace

Follow the below steps to switch to a different workspace:

  1. First log out of your Bito account.

  1. Then, log back in and choose the workspace you want from the available list.

How to See Which Workspace You Are In?

In the IDE extension, place your mouse cursor over the workspace icon. The workspace name will show up as a tooltip.

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