Advanced AI Requests Usage

Manage Your Spending to Avoid Unexpected Expenses

If you are on a paid plan such as the 10x Developer Plan, as the owner or admin of a workspace, you can easily view how many Advanced AI Model Requests your workspace members have used and how many are still available for the current month. If you are on the Forever Free plan, then this plan is not eligible for Advanced AI Model Requests, and this feature is not relevant to your plan.

  1. To check this information, simply visit the Requests usage page.

  2. There, you can find the total number of available Advanced AI Model requests for the current month, as well as the total number of requests used so far this month.

You can even view the usage per member.

What is an Advanced AI Model Request?

Bito uses different AI models to offer its services. Some “Basic” AI models can be used for free, like GPT-3.5, chat-bison from Google, and Claude Instant, while other “Advanced” AI models like GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude 2 are only accessible through paid plans.

When a user goes to the "Advanced" tab in the Bito IDE chat user interface and asks a question, the system uses Bito’s Advanced AI models in the background to process that request. This type of request is called an Advanced AI Model Request.

When your Advanced AI Model Request quota is used up, we charge $0.10 per additional request.

Hard and Soft Limits

To ensure that you have full control over your workspace usage and avoid unexpected expenses, we provide two controls. These are:

  1. Hard Limits

  2. Soft Limits

These controls can be accessed via the Requests Usage page. They are designed to assist you in managing your spending effectively and staying within your intended budget.

You can enter any number (amount in US Dollars) to set Hard and Soft Limits.

Tip: Leave the text box empty for unlimited requests. This mean, your advanced queries will not be blocked.

What is the Hard Limit?

Hard Limit enables workspace owners and admins to automatically block the usage of Advanced AI Model requests when they reach the pre-defined threshold per month.

We highly recommend setting the Hard Limit for your workspace to avoid surprises and stick to your budget.

When Hard Limit is Not Set

If the Hard Limit is not set on a workspace, then members can continue to make additional Advanced AI Model requests beyond the available quota without any issues. However, please remember that all of these additional requests will be charged at the rate of $0.10 per request and billed at the end of the month.

To give an example, if you have 2 users in your workspace, then you will receive 800 Advanced AI model requests per month. If you were to use 900, which is 100 additional, then you would be charged US $0.10 per additional request, or $10 for 100 requests, in addition to your $30 monthly bill for 2 users.

The workspace owners and admins will get an email notification when the Advanced AI Model requests limit allocated as per the current plan is reached.

When Hard Limit is Set

If the Hard Limit is set on a workspace, then all of its members will be blocked from making any Advanced AI Model requests when the workspace quota is finished. However, they can still use Basic models (20 AI requests per day per user), which are available in our Forever Free plan.

When the Hard Limit is reached then the owners and admins of the workspace will be notified through an email.

How to Set Hard Limit in Workspace?

  1. Go to the Requests Usage page.

  2. Enter your desired number in the "Hard limit" input field to set a threshold for the total Advanced AI Model requests allowed on your workspace.

  3. Press the "Save" button to confirm your settings.

What is Soft Limit?

Soft Limit is a warning system that alerts the workspace owners and admins by sending them an email notification when their use of the Advanced AI model reaches a pre-defined threshold.

Unlike a Hard Limit, the Soft Limit does not block workspace members from using the Advanced AI model requests. Its sole purpose is to notify the workspace owners and admins.

The Soft Limit has no impact on the workspace usage, whether set or not. However, we recommend setting a Soft Limit on your workspace to receive an early notification before reaching the Hard Limit.

How to Set Soft Limit in Workspace?

  1. Go to the Requests Usage page.

  2. Enter your desired number in the "Soft limit" input field to set a threshold for the total Advanced AI Model requests consumed after which an email notification will be sent.

  3. Press the "Save" button to confirm your settings.

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