Guide to Billing and Paid Plans

Bito offers two plans:

  1. Forever Free

  2. 10X Developer Plan

Read more details on Bito's Pricing page or watch the video below to learn how Billing and Paid Plans work in Bito.

In summary, the Forever Free plan is Free and provides a powerful set of capabilities for individual and hobbyist developers to use Bito with a daily limit of 20 chats per user (subject to our Fair Use Policy) using Basic AI models, work on development in over 50+ programming languages, communicate in over 20 spoken languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, etc.), work with templates, and use the Bito CLI.

The 10X Developer Plan is $15 per user per month (billed monthly starting on the 1st of the month) and includes all the features of the Forever Free plan, and also provides access to Advanced AI Models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Anthropic’s Claude 2. It also provides much longer chat context, files, and discussions (up to 300 single-spaced pages), and AI that indexes and understands your code. The 10X Developer Plan includes 400 Advanced AI Requests per month, additional requests (or overages) are charged at US $0.10 per request. For example, if you used 450 Advanced AI Requests in the month, 400 are included already in your 10X Developer Plan, and 50 are additional at US $0.10 per request (equals to US $5 additional), for a total of US$20.

All billing and plans functionality is available at Bito’s website by logging in with your email. Additionally, from Bito's IDE plug-in you can simply click on ⚙️ gear icon and then select Settings to get redirect to the Bito's website.

From there you can go to the Billing and Plans page to access the billing functionality.

You cannot make billing changes directly from the IDE.

Bito uses Stripe to handle all payment processing and securely store your credit card/payment information. Bito itself does not store your credit card/payment information.

Bito bills at the Workspace level. All users within a given Workspace will be billed on the same plan. You cannot have some users on the 10X Developer Plan and some users on the Forever Free plan, within the same workspace.

When you signed up for Bito, you created or joined a workspace. Primary Owners, Owners, and Admins can change the billing plan for a workspace. You can see your workspace by going to Home page or Workspace Settings page. You can see your Role by going to Members page. You can change your workspace by logging out, and when you log-in, you will choose which workspace you want to be a part of. It’s similar to Slack, where you can access different workspaces.

Within each Workspace, Bito bills at the seat (sometimes referred to as “user”) level from the first of the month to the last day of the month. So, if you have 12 users in your Workspace (let’s call it the “MyCompany” workspace), when an Admin signs up for the 10X Developer Plan, the “MyCompany” workspace will be billed for all 12 users. Bito’s 10X Developer Plan costs $15 per user per month. So, you will pay $180 per month for 12 users, and that will be charged on the 1st of the month for the next month. To give an example, on September 1, you would be charged $180 for the month of September. Any overages you had in terms of accessing Advanced AI models for the month of August, would also be charged on September 1.

To repeat, each month’s bill will include your base $15 per month fee per user for the current month, and the overage charges for the previous month.

Your first month when you sign up, you will be billed for the current month in a prorated fashion. For example, if you signed up in the middle of March, you would be billed $7.50 per seat (half of the $15 full month fee).

For any additional questions, please review the documentation we have. In addition, please feel free to contact Bito at support@bito.ai with any questions.

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