Pay for Additional Workspace Members

Learn How Payments Work When You Invite a Coworker to the Workspace

If your workspace is using the Forever Free plan, your account will not be charged when you invite new members. However, if your workspace has subscribed to the 10X Developer Plan, each member you invite will be charged based on the price of the 10X Developer Plan and the number of days and time left in the current month. Additionally, the 400 Advanced AI Model requests will be added to the total quota of the workspace for each member invited.

Read more at Bito's pricing page.

Inviting coworkers to the Workspace

  1. Go to the Members page.

  2. Click on the “Invite members” button.

  3. A form will open in a popup box.

  4. Enter emails of your coworkers that you want to add in the workspace.

  5. Press the “Send” button to proceed.

  6. A warning message will appear informing you that inviting new members to the workspace will result in additional charges.

  7. If you are ok with that, press the “Invite members” button to send the invitation.

When the invited person joins the workspace, the billing account attached to the workspace will be charged automatically.

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