Answers to popular questions about the AI Code Review Agent.

How do I whitelist Bito's gateway IP address for my on-premise Git platform?

To ensure the AI Code Review Agent operates smoothly with your GitHub Enterprise (self-hosted) or GitLab (self-hosted), please whitelist all of Bito's gateway IP addresses in your firewall to allow incoming traffic from Bito. This will enable Bito to access your self-hosted repository.

List of IP addresses to whitelist:




The agent response can come from any of these IPs.

How can I prevent the AI Code Review Agent from stopping due to token expiry?

You should set a longer expiration period for your GitHub Personal Access Token (Classic) or GitLab Personal Access Token. We recommend setting the expiration to at least one year. This prevents the token from expiring early and avoids disruptions in the AI Code Review Agent's functionality.

Additionally, we highly recommend updating the token before expiry to maintain seamless integration and code review processes.

For more details on how to create tokens, follow these guides:

What is "Estimated effort to review" in code review output?

This is an estimate, on a scale of 1-5 (inclusive), of the time and effort required to review this Pull Request (PR) by an experienced and knowledgeable developer. A score of 1 means a short and easy review, while a score of 5 means a long and hard review. It takes into account the size, complexity, quality, and the needed changes of the PR code diff. The score is produced by AI.

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