Install/run via CLI

CLI mode is best suited for immediate, one-time code reviews.

  1. Prerequisites: Before proceeding, ensure you've completed all necessary prerequisites for self-hosted AI Code Review Agent.

  2. Start Docker: Ensure Docker is running on your machine.

  3. Repository Download: Download the AI Code Review Agent GitHub repository to your machine.

  4. Extract and Navigate:

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file to a preferred location.

  • Navigate to the extracted folder and then to the “cra-scripts” subfolder.

  • Note the full path to the “cra-scripts” folder for later use.

  1. Open Command Line:

    • Use Bash for Linux and macOS.

    • Use PowerShell for Windows.

  2. Set Directory:

    • Change the current directory in Bash/PowerShell to the “cra-scripts” folder.

    • Example command: cd [Path to cra-scripts folder]

    • Adjust the path based on your extraction location.

  1. Configure Properties:

    • Open the file in a text editor from the “cra-scripts” folder.

    • Set mandatory properties:

      • mode = cli

      • pr_url

      • bito_cli.bito.access_key

      • git.provider

      • git.access_token

    • Optional properties (can be skipped or set as needed):

      • code_feedback

      • static_analysis

      • dependency_check

      • dependency_check.snyk_auth_token

Note: Detailed information for each property is provided on Agent Configuration: File page.

Check the Required Access Tokens guide to learn more about creating the access tokens needed to configure the Agent.

  1. Run the Agent:

    • On Linux/macOS in Bash: Run ./

    • On Windows in PowerShell: Run ./bito-cra.ps1

This step might take time initially as it pulls the Docker image and performs the code review.

  1. Final Steps:

    • The script may prompt values of mandatory/optional properties if they are not preconfigured.

    • Upon completion, a code review comment is automatically posted on the Pull Request specified in the pr_url property.

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