Bito Features


Bito AI chat is the most flexible way to use AI assistance. You can type any technical question to generate the best possible response. Check out these Bito AI Examplesto understand all you can do with Bito.
To use AI Chat, type the question in the chat box, and press 'Enter' to send. You can add a new line in the question with 'CTRL + ENTER'.
Bito AI Chat Input
Depending on the size and complexity of the prompt, Bito AI may take a few seconds to return the response. While you wait, Bito acts funny 😂 and displays a witty message generated via AI as we like to eat our dog food 🐶.
Bito makes it super easy to use the answer generated by AI. You can copy the response to the clipboard or insert it directly into the code editor in the cursor.
Copy & Insert action at the top
You can take the following actions on the Chat output
  1. 1.
    Regenerate the results by clicking the "Regenerate" button.
  2. 2.
    Copy the output to the clipboard, insert it into the code editor, or view the diff between the proposed and original code.
  3. 3.
    Modify the prompt by clicking the "Edit Prompt" button next to the question.
  4. 4.
    Share a web link to the Question and Answer on Twitter, E-mail, or any other channel.
  5. 5.
    Modify the most recent prompt with the "Redo" action on the chatbox.


Generating the best possible response is as much science as art. The Bito AI models are built on the same technology as chatGPT handles the science part. Crafting a good prompt is the art part. The Templates in Bito takes the burden off your shoulder in being crafty. You can select a piece of code and use one of the eight prompts, whether you want to check the code for performance or add error handling. Behind-the-scene actor "Bito Prompt Manager" crafts a well-versed prompt that squeezes the best response out of the machine. You can also save your favorite prompts for quick access anytime. Check out Custom Prompt Templates.
Templates are accessible:
a. In the Bito panel
Templates in Bito Panel. Click Template tab to collapse or expand it
b. from the code editor's context menu
Select code, right click, and click Bito AI to access shortcuts
c. through the command palette in Visual Studio code.
View ->Command Palette -> Type "Bito" to access the templates

Diff View

Any Shortcut such as "Performance Check" or "Improve Readability" that proposes changes to your existing code automatically opens a "Diff View" between the proposed and actual code. This allows you to review the changes before accepting them into your code. The diff view opens automatically when Bito AI returns the proposed changes. You can also view the diff at any point through the "Diff" action.
Diff view between proposed and actual code change.
Diff View action on the proposed code changes


The history of your conversation with Bito AI is stored locally on your machine (we respect the privacy of your data) and is available in the History section in the Bito panel.
Chat History in Bito
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