AI Chat in Bito

Bito AI chat is the most versatile and flexible way to use AI assistance. You can type any technical question to generate the best possible response. Check out these Bito AI Examplesto understand all you can do with Bito.

By default, the 10X Developer Plan utilizes Advanced AI Models to process queries. You can easily switch between Basic and Advanced AI models anytime.

To use AI Chat, type the question in the chat box, and press 'Enter' to send. You can add a new line in the question with 'SHIFT+ ENTER'.

Bito starts streaming answers within a few seconds, depending on the size and complexity of the prompt.

Bito makes it super easy to use the answer generated by AI, and take a number of actions.

Copy Answer

Copy the answer to the clipboard.

Regenerate Answer

AI may not give the best answer on the first attempt every time. You can ask Bito AI to regenerate the answer by clicking "Regenerate" button next to the answer.

Copy or Insert Code

If the AI answer includes a code snippet, Bito automatically identifies and displays code in a separate block. This makes it easy to copy the code to the clipboard or insert it in the code editor.

Rate Response

Vote response "Up" or "Down". This feedback Bito improve the prompt handling.

Modify Last Prompt

Many of these commands can be executed with keyboard shortcuts documented here: Keyboard Shortcuts

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