Appearance Settings

The IDE customization settings are accessible through the new toolbar dropdown menu titled "Extension Settings".

Light and Dark Themes

In Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs, you can choose between a light or dark theme for the Bito panel to match your coding environment preference. For VS Code users, Bito also offers an adaptive theme mode in which the Bito panel and font colors automatically adjust based on your selected VS Code theme, creating a seamless visual experience.

You can set the desired theme through the Theme dropdown.

Theme Screenshots

“Always Light” Theme

“Always Dark” Theme

“Light” or “Dark” Theme - Matching IDE

“Adaptive” Theme

Theme adapted from “Noctis Lux”:

Theme adapted from “Solarized Light”:

Theme adapted from “Tomorrow Night Blue”:

Theme adapted from “barn-cat”:

Font Size Control

Take control of your code readability! Within the Bito extension settings, you can now adjust the font size for a comfortable viewing experience.

You can set the desired font size through the Font Size text field. However, if you check the Font Size (Match with IDE Font) checkbox, it will override the set font size with the Editor font size.

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