Accept/Reject Suggestions

Seamless Integration With Your Coding Workflow

Bito's AI Code Completions doesn't interfere with your coding process. It offers code suggestions only after you have paused typing for 250 milliseconds (you can adjust this in settings), or if you explicitly ask for AI Code Completions by typing Alt + Shift + K on Windows or Option + Shift + K on macOS, and the suggested code is merely displayed as a placeholder.

Alt + Shift + K will only work on a line where you already have some code. It won't work on a blank line.

To accept the entire code suggestion, simply press the "Tab" key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can accept the code completion incrementally, word by word, by pressing "" (coming soon...). To accept one line at a time, click the three dots button in the code completion UI toolbar and then select "Accept Line" (coming soon...).

If you don’t like the suggestion, Bito does not force you to use it. You can simply dismiss it by pressing the β€œEsc” key on your keyboard or continue typing as normal.

Bito also provides alternative suggestions, which you can navigate using the arrow keys in the code completion UI toolbar or by using the shortcut keys mentioned below.

DescriptionPress on Keyboard

Show next suggestion

macOS: Option + ]

Windows: ALT + ]

Show previous suggestion

macOS: Option + [

Windows: Alt + [

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