How it Works?

Get Real-Time Suggestions from Bito as You Type or Through Code Comments

Bito analyzes the file you are currently editing and your codebase to understand the context. It offers two types of AI Code Completions:

1- Autocompletions (complete the line as you type)

In this method, as you are writing a line of code, Bito will automatically predict what you will write next and generate relevant suggestions based on your codebase.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to accept, reject, or navigate through multiple suggestions.

2- Comment to code

In this method, you can write any kind of requirements you have in natural language comments, and Bito will suggest the best code tailored to your codebase to fulfill those requirements – often writing the entire function.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to accept, reject, or navigate through multiple suggestions.

Bito can understand both single-line and multi-line comments in the supported programming languages. Therefore, if you have a bit lengthy requirements, simply use multi-line comments for ease!

How Good are AI Code Completions?

Since Bito is familiar with your entire codebase, it can provide more accurate code suggestions than other AI Coding Assistants available today.

For example:

  1. Bito can see your imports and predict what task you are trying to complete.

  2. Bito can read the function you're inside and predict what you'll do next.

  3. Bito can spot the APIs you've integrated and suggest possible endpoints to call.

After gathering the context, Bito uses different Large Language Models (LLMs) to come up with some options that you will most likely want to write next. So, if one solution doesn’t work, there are more you can try.

Bito provides high-quality code completions that align with the code you are working on. However, if the suggested completions are not as accurate in your specific case, you can write additional code or provide explicit instructions in comments to help Bito better understand the context and generate more precise solutions.

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