Example Questions

What Types of Questions Can be Asked?

You can try asking any question you may have in mind regarding your codebase. In most cases, Bito will give you an accurate answer. Bito uses AI to determine if you are asking about something in your codebase.

However, if you want to ask a question about your code no matter what, then you can use our pre-defined keywords such as "my code", "my repo", "my project", "my workspace", etc., in your question.

The complete list of these keywords is given on our Available Keywords page.

Code Explanation

  • What a particular code file does

    • In my code what does code in sendgrid/sendemail.sh do?

  • What a particular function in my code does

    • In my repo explain what function message_tokens do

Code Translation

  • In my project rewrite the code of signup.php file in nodejs

Code Refactoring

  • In my workspace suggest code refactoring for api.py and mention all other files that need to be updated accordingly

Fix Bugs

  • In my code find runtime error possibilities in script.js

  • Find logical errors in scraper.py in my code

Detect Code Smells

  • In my code detect code smells in /app/cart.php and give solution

Generate Documentation

  • Generate documentation for search.ts in my workspace in markdown format

Generate Unit tests

  • In my code write unit tests for index.php

  • In my code generate test code for code coverage of cache.c

Summarize Recent Code Changes

  • summarize recent code changes in my code

Code Search using natural language

  • Any function to compute tokens in my project?

  • Any code or script to send emails in my workspace?

  • In my repo list all the line numbers where $alexa array is used in index.php.

Give details of making modifications

  • In my code list all the files and code changes needed to add column desc in table raw_data in dailyReport DB.

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