How it Works?

Bito indexes your code locally using AI
When you open a project in Visual Studio Code or JetBrains IDEs, Bito lets you enable the indexing of code files from that project’s folder. Basically, this indexing mechanism leverages our new AI Stack that enables Bito to understand your entire codebase and answer any questions regarding it.
The index is stored locally on your system to provide better performance while maintaining the security/privacy of your private code.
It takes 12 minutes per each 10MB of code to understand your repo, as the index is being built locally.

How to Ask Questions?

Once indexing is complete, you can ask questions by adding specific keywords such as "my code", “my repo”, “my project”, “my workspace”, etc. in your request in our Bito chatbox. The complete list of these keywords is given on our Available Keywords page.
Once Bito sees any input containing these keywords, it will use the index to identify relevant portions of code or content in your folder and use it for processing your question, query, or task.
If there is no mention of our pre-defined keywords, then Bito will directly send your request to our LLM without first looking for the appropriate local context.

Security of your code

As usual, security is top of mind at Bito, especially when it comes to your code. A fundamental approach we have taken is to keep all code on your machine, and not store any code, code snippets, indexes, or embedding vectors on Bito’s servers or our API partners. All code remains on your machine, Bito does not store it. In addition, none of your code is used for AI model training.
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