AI that Understands Your Code
AI that understands your code
Bito has created the ability for our AI to understand your codebase, which produces dramatically better results that are personalized to you. This can help you write code, refactor code, explain code, debug, and generate test cases – all with the benefits of AI knowing your entire code base.
To ask questions related to your codebase, add "my code" in English, Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, or Portuguese (more languages coming soon) to your AI requests in the Bito chatbox.
Example: in my code explain the file apiUser.js
Additional keywords for various languages are listed on the Available Keywords page.
For now, this feature is only available for our 10X Developer Plan which costs $15 per user per month. We have plans to release it for our Forever Free plan soon. But it will be limited to repos of 10MB indexable size.
Recent breakthroughs in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have helped make many AI Coding Assistant tools available, including Bito, to help you develop software faster.
The major issue with these AI assistants, though, is that they have no idea about your entire codebase. Some tools take context from currently opened files in your IDE, while others enable you to manually enter code snippets in a chat-like interface and then ask questions about them.
But with Bito’s AI that understands your entire repository, this is a whole new capability. For example, what if you could ask questions like:
  • how can I add a button to mute and unmute the song to my code in my music player? By default, set this button to unmute. Also, use the same design as existing buttons in UI.
  • In my code list all the files and code changes needed to add column desc in table raw_data in dailyReport DB.
  • In my code suggest code refactoring for and mention all other files that needs to be updated accordingly
  • Please write the frontend and backend code to take a user’s credentials, and authenticate the user. Use the authentication service in my code
This will definitely improve the way you build software.
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