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Enabling unicode For Windows 10 and below

Unicode characters (using other languages) might not be readily supported on command prompt if you are on Windows 10 or below. You can run command chcp 936 in cmd prior to using bito to support unicode characters in Windows 10 or below (To undo the settings done here you can follow this link).

If you are on Windows 11 then you shouldn't encounter any such issues.

Using Homebrew for Bito CLI

  1. Before using homebrew, please make sure that you uninstall any previously installed versions of Bito CLI using the uninstall guide provided here.

  2. Once above is done then you can use following commands to install Bito CLI using homebrew:

    1. First tap the CLI repo using brew tap gitbito/bitocli command, this should be a one time action and not required every time.

    2. Now you can install Bito CLI using following command:

      • brew install bito-cli - this should install Bito CLI based upon your machine architecture.

    3. To update Bito CLI to the latest version, use following commands:

      1. Please make sure you always do brew update before upgrading to avoid any errors.

      2. brew update - this will update all the required packages before upgrading.

      3. brew upgrade bito-cli - once above is done, this will update Bito CLI to the latest version.

    4. To uninstall Bito CLI you can either use the uninstall guide from here or use following commands:

      • brew uninstall bito-cli - this should uninstall Bito CLI completely from your system.

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