How to Use?

Learn how to work with Bito CLI (including examples)



  • Bash (for Mac and Linux)

  • CMD (for Windows)

Using Bito CLI

Before you can use Bito CLI, you need to install and configure it. Once the setup is done, follow the steps below:

  • Execute Chat: Run bito command on command prompt to get started. Ask anything you want help with such as awk command to print first and last column.

  • Note: Bito CLI supports long prompts through multiline input. To complete and submit the prompt, press Ctrl+D. Enter/Return key adds a new line to the input.

  • Exit Bito CLI: To quit/exit from Bito CLI, type quit and press Ctrl+D .

  • Terminate: Press Ctrl+C to terminate Bito CLI.

Here is the complete list of available commands for Bito CLI.

Getting Started

Check out the video below to get started with Bito CLI.


Here are two examples for you to see My Prompt in action:

  1. How to Create Git Commit Messages and Markdown Documentation with Ease using Bito CLI My Prompt:

  1. How to generate test data using Bito CLI My Prompt:

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