Creating a Bito Account

You would need to create an account with your e-mail to use Bito. You can sign up for Bito directly from the IDE extension or the Bito web interface at
  • After you install the Bito extension, click the "Sign up or Sign-in" button on the Bito app page. In the next screen, enter your work e-mail address, and verify through a six-digit code sent to your e-mail address.
  • Once your e-mail is verified, you will get an option to create your profile. Enter your full name and set the language for the AI setup. Bito uses this setting to generate the output regardless of prompt language.
  • Create or join a new workspace. If you have already joined or are invited to a workspace, the link to create a new workspace will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter the name of the Workspace. You can choose to make this workspace discoverable by the users with the same domain e-mail as your e-mail. Once you complete the Workspace setup, Bito will be ready to use.

Joining an existing Workspace

After you install the Bito extension, sign up with your work e-mail. If your e-mail domain is allowed for the Workspace, or your coworker invited you, you will see the Workspace listed during the sign-up flow under the "Pending Invitation" list. Joining your company or team Workspace takes less than a minute.
Alternatively, you can join the Workspace through the Workspace link shared by your coworker.
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