Installing on JetBrain IDEs

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JetBrains IDEs

Watch the video below to learn how to download the Bito extension on JetBrains IDEs

How to install Bito extension on JetBrains IDEs

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. In JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ, go to File -> Settings to open the Settings dialog, and click Plugins -> Marketplace tab in the settings dialog. Search for Bito.

2. Click "Install" to install the Bito extension. We recommend you restart the IDE after the installation is complete.

Starting with Bito version 1.3.4, the extension is only supported on JetBrains versions 2021.2.4 and higher. JetBrains version 2021.1.3 is no longer supported from Bito version 1.3.4 onward.

3. Bito panel will appear on the right-hand sidebar. Click it to complete the setup process. You will either need to create a new workspace if you are the first in your company to install Bito or join an existing workspace created by a co-worker. See Managing Workspace Members

The menu to invoke the settings dialog may differ for different IDEs of the JetBrains family. The screenshots highlighted above are for the IntelliJ IDEA. You can access the Bito extension directly from the JetBrains marketplace at

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