Team Workspace

Bring your team together
In Bito, team members collaborate by joining a workspace. In most cases, every organization would create one Workspace. Anyone can install Bito, create a workspace for their team, and invite their coworkers to the Workspace. Creating and joining a workspace is a quick process in Bito. It unlocks many benefits, such as co-creating and sharing the knowledge around code, participating in the conversations, and setting the visibility of the content to all or select members in the Workspace.
While you can create and join many workspaces with the same e-mail address, we recommend you create one Workspace for your organization or division using your work e-mail address. By default, any user with the same domain e-mail will automatically see and be able to join that Workspace when signing up in Bito.

Creating a Workspace

  1. 1.
    After you install the Bito extension, click the "Sign up or Sign-in" button on the Bito app page. In the next screen, enter your work e-mail address, and verify through a six-digit code sent to your e-mail address.
  2. 2.
    Once your e-mail is verified, you will get an option to create a new workspace. If you have already joined or are invited to a workspace, the link to create a new workspace will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. 3.
    Enter the name of the Workspace. You will get the following options at the time of creating the Workspace. You can accept all the default settings or modify the settings as needed.
    • An option to allow your e-mail domain so other users with the same e-mail domain will automatically see the Workspace and can join during sign-up. This option is valid only if you sign-up with your work domain.
    • Option to invite your coworkers via e-mail.
    • Option to copy and share the Workspace URL via e-mail, Slack, Teams, etc.
  4. 4.
    Once you complete the Workspace setup, Bito will be ready to use.

Inviting coworkers to the Workspace

You can use Bito in a single-player mode for all the use cases. However, it works best when your coworkers join the Workspace to collaborate with Bito. There are three ways you can invite your coworkers.
Option 1 - Allow your work e-mail domain for the Workspace. This setting is turned on by default, and all users with the same e-mail domain as yours will automatically see the Workspace under "Pending Invitations" when signing up in Bito. You can manage this setting after you create the Workspace through the "Settings" page in your Bito account.
You may still need to notify your coworkers about Bito and share Bito workspace URL. We don't send e-mails to your coworkers unless you invite them to the Workspace.
Option 2 - Invite your coworkers via e-mail when you create your Workspace or later from your workspace setting.
Option 3- Share a web link specific to your Workspace via the channel of your choice: e-mail, Slack, or Teams. The link is automatically created and shown when creating a workspace or on the workspace settings page.

Joining an existing Workspace

After you install the Bito extension, sign up with your work e-mail. If your e-mail domain is allowed for the Workspace, or your coworker invited you, you will see the Workspace listed during the sign-up flow under the "Pending Invitation" list. Joining your company or team Workspace takes less than a minute.
Alternatively, you can join the Workspace through the Workspace link shared by your coworker.
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