Standard Templates

Generating the best possible response is as much science as art. The Bito AI models are built on the same technology as chatGPT handles the science part. Crafting a good prompt is the art part. The Templates in Bito takes the burden off your shoulder in being crafty. You can select a piece of code and use one of the eight prompts, whether you want to check the code for performance or add error handling. Behind-the-scene actor "Bito Prompt Manager" crafts a well-versed prompt that squeezes the best response out of the machine. You can also save your favorite prompts for quick access anytime. Check out Custom Prompt Templates.
Templates are accessible:
a. In the Bito panel
Templates in Bito Panel. Click Template tab to collapse or expand it
b. from the code editor's context menu
Select code, right click, and click Bito AI to access shortcuts
c. through the command palette in Visual Studio code.
View ->Command Palette -> Type "Bito" to access the templates
The following Loom demonstrates Standard Templates in Bito:
Standard Templates in Bito
Bito includes the following standard templates out of the box.
Template Name
Explain Code
Explains what the code does and how it works.
Generate Comment
Generate a comment for the selected code
Performance Check
Checks code for the performance, and rewrites the code with suggested optimization.
Security Check
Check code for the basic security checks, and rewrites the code with suggested fixes.
Style Check
Check the code for the common style issues, and rewrites with suggested fixes.
Improve Readability
Refactor the code for better readability
Clean Code
Remove debug statements
Generate Unit Tests
Generate the unit tests for the selected code,
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