Use Cases and Examples

Discover Real-World Applications of AI Code Completions

Say goodbye to the endless searches on Google or Stack Overflow for answers to your coding dilemmas. Discover the numerous advantages offered by the Bito's AI Code Completions feature outlined below, designed to streamline your coding process and boost productivity efficiently.

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Autocomplete Repetitive Code

Comment Used:

// check if all form fields are entered by user

Writing Regular Expressions (regex)

Autocomplete regex patterns as you type or generate from comment.

Writing SQL Queries

Autocomplete SQL queries for CRUD operations, table structure definitions, SQL Joins, Wildcard Characters, etc. You can even ask Bito to write safer queries to prevent SQL Injection.

Comment Used:

# write a function get_questions(self)
# Inside it, write an SQL query that retrieves everything from questions, answers, and question_votes tables.
# Use joins to connect the tables with answers.question_id and with question_votes.question_id to get all questions with its answers and votes.
# finally, return the result

Internationalization (i18n)

Effortlessly translate your user interface (UI) into any widely spoken language of your choice.

Comment Used:

// i want to support these languages for my user interface:
// english, chinese, french, hindi, urdu

Generating Sample Data

Populate arrays, variables, objects, and more with dummy data to facilitate thorough testing scenarios.

Comment Used:

// create an array of arrays that contains blog posts info, such as: title, post_slug, excerpt, author name

Writing Custom Functions

Bito is really good at writing custom functions. Just provide your requirements in comments and watch Bito generate entire function for you.

Comment Used:

# write datetime count down timer function for coming soon page
# target date is 29th Oct 2023
# The format should be like:
#   Coming Soon...
#   Remaining Time: 02 Days 6 Hours 34 Minutes 59 Seconds

Generate OOP Boilerplate Code (Class, Properties, Methods)

Quickly generate boilerplate code for class definitions, including properties, constructor, and getter/setter methods. You may need to provide additional comments to generate methods with custom functionality.

Here, the first screenshot displays an example of Autocompletions. The other two screenshots are examples of Comment to Code.

Comment Used:

# write getter/setter functions for each property

Comment Used:

# write a function that uses the properties from this class and send email using SMTP

Writing Docstrings

Automatically generate docstrings for functions and classes.

Comment Used:

# suggest docstring for this Email class

Not Just These, There's More!

  • Generate try...catch blocks.

  • Test-driven development (TDD)

  • Writing unit tests.

  • Writing test double.

  • Generate code for Object-Relational Mapping (ORM).

  • Generate code for Object Document Mapper (ODM).

  • Autocomplete loops (for, while, do...while, foreach)

  • Autocomplete conditional statements (if...else, if...elseif...else, switch)

  • Suggest existing functions from your codebase that can be called in the current scope.

  • Autocomplete Dockerfile Commands

  • Get Code for Popular Algorithms (e.g. A*, Dijkstra, etc.)

  • etc.

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