Manage Bito CLI settings

bito config [flags]

  • run bito config -l or bito config --list to list all config variables and values.

  • run bito config -e or bito config --edit to open the config file in default editor.

Sample Configuration

 access_key: ""
 preferred_ai_model: ADVANCED
 auto_update: true
 max_context_entries: 20

What is an Access Key and How to Get it?

Access Key is an alternate authentication mechanism to Email & OTP based authentication. You can use an Access Key in Bito CLI to access various functionalities such as Bito AI Chat. Here’s a guide on how to create an Access Key. Basically, after creating the Access Key, you have to use it in the config file mentioned above. For example, access_key: “YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_HERE”

Access Key can be persisted in Bito CLI by adding it in the config file using bito config -e. Such persisted Access Key can be over-ridden by running bito -k <access-key> or bito --key <access-key> for the transient session (sessions that last only for a short time).

Preferred AI Model Type

By default AI Model Type is set to ADVANCED and it can be overridden by running bito -m <BASIC/ADVANCED>. Model type is used for AI query in the current session. Model type can be set to BASIC or ADVANCED, which is case insensitive.

"ADVANCED" refers to AI models like GPT-4 and Claude 2, while "BASIC" refers to AI models like GPT-3.5 Turbo, chat-bison from Google, and Claude Instant.

When using Basic AI models, your prompts and the chat's memory are limited to 40,000 characters (about 18 single-spaced pages). However, with Advanced AI models, your prompts and the chat memory can go up to 240,000 characters (about 110 single-spaced pages). This means that Advanced models can process your entire code files, leading to more accurate answers.

If you are seeking the best results for complex tasks, then choose Advanced AI models.

Access to Advanced AI models is only available in Bito's 10X Developer Plan. However, Basic AI models can be used by both free and paid users.

To see how many Advanced AI requests you have left, please visit the Requests Usage page. On this page, you can also set hard and soft limits to control usage of Advanced AI model requests for your workspace and avoid unexpected expenses.

Also note that even if you have set preferred_ai_model: ADVANCED in Bito CLI config but your Advanced AI model requests quota is finished (or your self-imposed hard limit is reached) then Bito CLI will start using Basic AI models instead of Advanced AI models.

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