Key requirements for AI Code Review Agent setup on Bito Cloud.

Required Access Tokens

  • GitHub Personal Access Token (Classic): For GitHub PR code reviews, ensure you have a CLASSIC personal access token with repo access. We do not support fine-grained tokens currently. View Guide

  • GitLab Personal Access Token: For GitLab PR code reviews, a token with API access is required. View Guide

Single sign-on (SSO) Configuration of Git Access Token

Organization owners and admins can enforce SAML SSO so that all organization members must authenticate via an identity provider (IdP). When you enable SAML SSO, GitHub or GitLab will prompt members who visit the organization's resources on GitHub/GitLab to authenticate on your IdP, which links the member's personal account to an identity on the IdP. You can also enforce SAML SSO for your organization. When you enforce SAML SSO, all members of the organization must authenticate through your IdP to access the organization's resources.

Personal Access Token (classic) in GitHub and Personal Access Token in GitLab are such resources, which also requires a SSO configuration if Organization owners and admins have enforced SAML SSO. You must authorize your personal access token after creation that uses SAML single sign-on (SSO), otherwise, Bito's Code Review Agent won't work.


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